Motorcycle Jacket: Leather or Textile?

When forming a motorcycle wardrobe, most riders are faced with the dilemma of choosing a material, and in particular, which motorcycle jacket should be preferred – leather or textile? Of course, classic chopper riders prefer to look like an old-school biker style – that’s why they choose classic leather jackets. Sports enthusiasts also prefer leather. […]

Destroying myths: complete protective suit – not only relevant on the racing track.

Motorcycle 1-piece suits (overalls) are considered to be the best protection from bruises and injuries. Motorcycle racers are a special caste, so their equipment is distinguished by the most optimal protection. The motorcycle suit is the most reliable, because its design is made of the thickest and finest leather. It is equipped with a wide […]

How to choose motoboots

Motoboots are one of the most important protection elements for motorcyclists, according to statistics, most motorcycle accidents result in legs/feet injuries. High-quality boots protect your feet and lower legs in case of an accident or fall from a motorcycle. Motoboots can vary – cross-country, sports, tourist, classic and mixed. Cross boots are very high, they […]

Motorcycle knee pads: ordinary and hinged

Motorcycle knee pads are one of the most popular types of motorcycle protection, along with gloves and a helmet. After all, knee injuries are one of the most common among other injuries in motorcycle accidents. Injury to the knee joint can lead to long bed rest and quite expensive treatment, therefore, it is better to […]