Motorcycle knee pads: ordinary and hinged

Motorcycle knee pads are one of the most popular types of motorcycle protection, along with gloves and a helmet. After all, knee injuries are one of the most common among other injuries in motorcycle accidents. Injury to the knee joint can lead to long bed rest and quite expensive treatment, therefore, it is better to take care of this type of motorcycle protection. Motorcycle knee pads not only protect the knee joint, but also reduce the risk of damage to the lower leg and patella. In addition, knee pads can help you avoid the rupture of ligaments and joints injury.

Knee pads can be ordinary and hinged.

Any knee pad can be attached to the leg by fastening straps (usually from 2 to 4), which allow to lock the knee pad so it couldn’t slip by the feet. They are regulated near the bend of the knee, as well as above and under the muscle, which should be between the straps.

The ordinary knee pads are simpler: they don’t have such a complicated design, have an affordable price, less weight and smaller size, so they are a little more comfortable. Such knee pads usually have a plastic frame. Usually they consist of protective plates, which provide the relatively good mobility. Such knee pads are convenient for use with any pants and even jeans.

The hinged knee pads usually consist of a frame that is quite solid (usually metal) and have a hinge that bends along the bend axis of the motorcyclist’s knee joint. There may be several hinges, so that the joint could not be bent beyond the plane of its regular movement. They protect the knees from the front, and on the sides, and additionally, the cup of the pad is noticeably deeper . These models are extremely comfortable plus provide excellent mobility.

It makes sense to choose the knee pads among the well-known brand products, which use the most lightweight, and same time durable materials. In some branded motorcycle knee pads, you can set and adjust the joints. Additionally, these knee pads do not only provide protection, but also reduce the excessive joints tension.

There are many brands, among them (both ordinary and hinged ones) Fox, Thor, EVS, AXO are quite popular.

Do not try to save on the knees protection, because the medical treatment of knee joints is far from cheap. Ruptures of ligaments, endoprosthesis… it can be a lot of whole list. Be careful on the road and don’t forget about the equipment!

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