Dino stand

The Double Bubbles team offers you power measurement services for your motorcycle of any brand; we also create and repair motorcycles both from scratch and after other motor mechanics. Most often, we can divide clients into several categories:

  • Sports Equipment: The goal is to get the best out of your motorcycle for racing, training, drag racing, or driving around the city.
  • Cruisers and choppers (tuning): the task is to finetune the motorcycle after installing new components, exhaust and fuel systems, chip-tuning etc.

Dinostend allows you to:

  • read power and torque characteristics
  • measure the composition of the exhaust gases and determine the quality of the fuel mix
  • perform power system diagnostics (injector / carburetor), transmission and clutch
  • customize the engine to your specifications

You can see the power and torque measurements obtained from the stand in the site gallery. ATTENTION! IMPORTANT!

  • the motorcycle will be tested on a dino stand in all speed modes and at different loads
  • we are not responsible for damage or failure of motorcycle nodes and assemblies while operating on the stand

Address : 8a Akademika Butlerova Str. (Chernihivska Subway Station)