Bike selection

The FreeRide motoschool Team is happy to pick the motorcycle according to your individual preferences. Our Kyiv motorcycle school will help you to choose the bike according to your budget and requirements, following the classification of the desired motorcycle and model as much as possible.

The selection of motorcycles from our motorcycle school is a full service:

  • We help determine the model of the motorcycle;
    We choose the best option;
  • We check the documents and vehicle numbers for legality (before going to the seller);
  • We carry out a professional examination and diagnosis of the motorcycle;
  • We successfully trade with the seller;
  • We support you to the completion of the purchase of the vehicle;
  • We work individually.

Price of the full range of services:

  • mandatory prepayment of $ 100
  • half of the trade for a motorcycle (when diagnosing a motorcycle, our specialist argues with the seller)

Currently, more than half of our clients come on referral. We will help you find the motorcycle of your dream for a reasonable price and you will not be fooled by the seller when buying it.

If you have any questions – call, message, we are always happy to answer all your questions!

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