Choosing knee pads for riding a motorcycle

We already wrote about how important it is to protect your knees when riding a motorcycle. But no less important is the protection of the elbows so that the elbow joints are intact during various falls or accidents. That is why you should choose high-quality elbow pads.

You can understand how important the elbow pads are after the first ride. Yes, and riders are divided into those who have already fallen, and those who sooner or later will fall, sorry for the skepticism. It is better to buy very high quality elbow pieces from leading manufacturers of motorcycle equipment. After all, they should not only cover the “suffering” parts, but also provide protection for the joints and skin on the elbow bends.

The elbow pads for a motorcycle can be both hinged and ordinary. The ordinary pads, of course, are cheaper, when the hinged ones are much more convenient to move your hands. Elbow pads can be worn under clothing or over it.

Do not forget about the fact that, when falling, people often instinctively put their hands in front of them, often having it injured during the fall. Thanks to elbow pads motoequipment, you can protect yourself from injuries even more, and, therefore, you can ride more comfortably and feel more protected.

Elbow pads are usually equipped with cups, which are made of rigid plastic. To fill the cups inside, different materials can be used, e.g. foam rubber softens the touch of the elbow pads to the hands, and colmex perfectly absorbs moisture. The cups of the elbow pads should not hang on the hand, they are made exactly to the size, therefore, when choosing this type of protection, you should pay attention to have the pads fit like a glove. Also, do not buy elbow pads with too small cups, it is very uncomfortable for riding.

Motorcycle jackets with sewn-in elbow pads is a very popular type of motorcycle protection. Usually in such models there is also protection for the back and chest.

But if you prefer a split version of the motoequipment, then the elbow pads and knee pads are perfect for you.

Be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer of the motoequipment, this is the case when not only size matters. Indeed, well-known motobrands use fine materials that are pre-tested and will last longer than most, and besides, are durable.

Take a look at the EVS Elbow Guard model, which is equipped with a reinforced protective element from the forearm to the elbow. The special lining, which is created from breathable bio-foam with perforation, ensures a comfortable ride.
FOX motoequipment is quite popular, their Titan Sport elbow pads model is made of shockproof plastic, and the filler in it is foamy and soft. These elbow pads are just great for those who are just starting to ride a motorcycle.

For riders who prefer sports bikes or doing motocross, there is a special elbow protection from the very durable Leatt Hard Shell Black material. This is a lightweight design piece that provides excellent mobility.

Elbow pads MSR Gravity, which are made of impact resistant and molded plastic. High density foam is used here as a filler, and such elbow pads are mounted using elastic straps with hooks and Velcro. The ventilation system was well thought out here, so wearing them while riding a motorcycle gives you a maximum of comfort.

We also recommend Thor Static Elbow pads that are streamlined and stand out for their lightweight design, which eventually also provides a comfortable riding.

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