1. The goal of a trial lesson
  • For anyone who wanted to try and maybe even learn how to drive a motorcycle, but hesitated, doubted and delayed for a long time.
  • A one-on-one lesson with the instructor will allow you to make sure that everything will turn out well, and that you can make it to drive a motorcycle and that you can enjoy it.
  • From the first minutes, we will lay the foundation for knowing about motorcycle parts, how to sit properly, how to start moving and stop at a specified point, go around obstacles.
  • You will be able to see the level of instructors, understand whether you like to ride a motorcycle, find answers to all your questions and get a bunch of new emotions.
  • Learn to ride properly (after many "teachers" we have to correct and re-teach).
  • It is highly recommended to be able to ride a bicycle and understand a sense of balance.
2. The program of your lesson
  • Controls
  • Motorcycle technical mechanism
  • Proper sitting
  • Sitting differences for different classes
  • The view. Where to look and what's more important - why?
  • Switching gears
  • Working with brakes, clutch, accelerator
  • Starting the movement and controlling the stop at a specified point
  • Riding with two feet on footsteps
  • Passing of the size corridor
  • Maneuvering at low speeds
  • Passing turns, u-turns
3. Our tasks
  • Give basic motorcycle driving skills
  • Remove psychological barriers to learning
  • Convince that riding a motorcycle brings positive emotions, and it is necessary to study at our school
4. Total duration of the class
  • 1 hour (60 minutes) on a motorcycle
5. Motorcycle
  • Geon Pantera 150
  • Yamaha 125
6. Have shoes/boots on a solid sole, jeans, ID, be sober!
  • The school has the right to refuse (transfer) the lesson if the student is intoxicated, ill, sleepy, etc .; in flip flops; on heels; skirts; shorts; etc
7. The price is 350 UAH
  • Training schedule - individual from 10:00 to 20:00
  • Motorcycle rent, full protective gear and the cost of gasoline are included in the price - no additional payments
  • If you wish to enroll immediately after the trial for any of the courses, the cost of the trial lesson will be included as the first lesson

Contact us for more information and details:
+38 073-757-99-57 Tatiana
email: [email protected]

Before you pay for the course, contact our manager by phone or by clicking the “order” button. In this case, we will contact you shortly and clarify the details of your future training, as well as discuss the date of the first lesson. Once this is done, boldly use the “pay” button. We are waiting for you on trainings!