1. City lesson objectives
  • This lesson is intended for those who have already learned to ride a motorcycle but are not yet confident on public roads. After the lesson, you will be able to safely ride on city roads, regardless of whether you have had a driving experience before or not. You will be in complete control of your motorcycle, know the strategy of safe driving in the city. Experienced motorcyclists recommend the City lesson to their relatives and friends who just started riding, knowing that a motorcycle is not a toy, and giving someone the sense of traffic without teaching experience is quite difficult.
  • * Based on the experience of the past years, it is recommended to "roll" 5-10 trips in order for the student to start feeling safe and comfortable in the city. 60-80% of the time of all rides the instructor spends sitting as the passenger with the student and constantly tells what to pay attention to and only at the final rides the instructor rides the second motorcycle.
  • ** After each lesson, the student is provided with useful literature to read and recall.
2. The program of your lesson
  • Counter-steering. Where? When? Why?
  • How to avoid emergency braking?
  • Adaptation to your motorcycle on training ground
  • Ride to the city
  • Crossroads, roundabouts, interchanges
  • Moving in traffic jams, riding between the lanes and why to do that
  • Rails and curbs, pavers and potholes, other city surprises
  • Movement in the column, movement in the traffic jam
  • How to deal with aggressive drivers
3. Our tasks
  • The student must learn how to read the road, analyze, make the right and safe decisions
  • Timely spot the dangers
  • Monitor other road users
  • Video recording of each ride with the subsequent debriefing
  • The instructor rides with the student as a passenger!
4. Motorcycle
  • Geon Pantera 200
  • Yamaha 125
  • Your motorcycle
5. Have shoes/boots with a solid sole, jeans, driver's license category A
6. Price: 1000 UAH (60 minutes of practical driving in the city)
  • Trainings schedule - individual from 10:00 to 20:00
  • Motorcycle rent, full protective gear, cost of gasoline, support on the exam are included in the price. For retaking the exam, the student does not pay for delivery of a motorcycle.
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