Motoschool for Children

Suitable for two categories of children:

* The training program is based on the methodology of KSB Sport – Centro de pilotaje . For this we (probably the first in Ukraine) went to Valencia to the School and now we are developing this direction here. By the way, we are very proud of this

Pitbike training is used by rcacers of all levels, both in Ukraine and in the world, in preparation for supermoto and circuit racing, because the correct technique of riding, sitting and style plays a major role.
– Why? – Because the Pitbike is much smaller and lighter than a “big motorcycle”, but thanks to this racer can quickly and efficiently work out the necessary driving elements and skills.

Lower speed? Yes, it is. But all other parameters are proportionally smaller. Accordingly, smaller wheels, which means the smaller area of ​​adhesion to the asphalt and thus, the cost of an error will be much higher. There will be more falls and fewer injuries.

1. Our tasks
2. Motorcycle
3. Must have solid soled shoes, jeans, ID (age 14+ years)
4. Price: 750 UAH (60 minutes)
Contact us for more information and details:

+38 073-757-99-57 Tatiana


Before you pay for the course, contact our manager by phone or by clicking the “order” button. In this case, we will contact you shortly and clarify the details of your future training, as well as discuss the date of the first lesson. Once this is done, boldly use the “pay” button. We are waiting for you on trainings!