1. Course objectives
  • For those who want to learn how to ride a motorcycle in the shortest possible time
  • For those who are already good in riding a motorcycle but need to open Category A
  • To prepare for passing the official exam
2. Course program

Module 1 (2 hours) on training ground:

  • Motorcycle controls
  • Proper sitting
  • Algorithm of switching gears on a non-started and started engine
  • Working with brakes, clutch, accelerator
  • Starting the movement and controlling the stop at a specified point
  • Proper view when maneuvering
  • Maneuvering at low speeds

Module 2 (2 hours) on training ground:

  • Passing turns, U-turns (the view, path selection, using accelerator)
  • Standard elements: "snake", "figure eight", "size corridor"
  • Motorcyclist gestures and crossing guard gestures

Module 3 (1 hour) at the MIA Service Center:

  • Studying the exam program at the Service Center training ground
3. Our tasks
  • Provide basic motorcycle driving skills enough to pass the exam
  • The student must pass for category A
4. The total duration of the course
  • 4 hours on the special training ground + official exam
5. Motorcycle
  • Geon cbf150
6. To have with you to register for the course:
  • shoes/boots with a solid sole, jeans, photocopy of Ukrainian citizen's passport or ID card.
7. Price: 4000 UAH
  • Trainings schedule - individual from 10:00 to 20:00
  • Motorcycle rent, full protective gear, cost of gasoline, support on the exam are included in the price.
Contact us for more information and details:

+38 073-757-99-57 Tatiana  

email: [email protected]

PS You can not purchase the driving license here – FreeRide motorcycle school is not a shop!

Before you pay for the course, contact our manager by phone or by clicking the “order” button. In this case, we will contact you shortly and clarify the details of your future training, as well as discuss the date of the first lesson. Once this is done, boldly use the “pay” button. We are waiting for you on trainings!